Oct 092007

Sonny Lubick ends after the 2009 season; however, it’s now time to say thank you, but farewell.

In the previous three years the Rams record was a dismal 14-23. Worse, they’ve started off this year 0-5.

Sure, the football field is named after the man. But that isn’t bringing us a winning team.

Sonny’s salary is approximately $529,900 a year.

With that salary I’m sure we can bring in someone who will reform our football program.

I’m not discrediting what Sonny has done for CSU and Fort Collins. There’s no doubt he’s an incredible man. It’s just time for us to part ways and for Paul (our athletic director) to start the job search.

Craig Quintana

CSU alum

To all who are calling for Sonny’s job, I have a few questions.

First, how short is your memory? Do you even know what CSU football was before Sonny? Seriously. He built this place.

Second, who would you have replace him? CSU woefully under funds the program – you won’t get someone with his credentials for his pay. He’s a downright saint for not pulling an Urban Meyer on us.

Third, who remembers the fire Joe Paterno bandwagon? Keep talking, you can look as stupid as them.

Every team has down cycles. I hope you all really think about what Sonny has done for this school.

Henry Dougan

CSU alum ’03

I am so sick of people saying there needs to be balanced coverage in the media, and trying to do that by giving only one side a voice. The answer to there being a bias towards one side or the other is not to make another biased ideal or publication; it is to make one entity that has both sides represented.

Also, the bias of the media is greatly exaggerated in most counts. People claim that liberals run the media.

Then why are all the most popular radio shows conservative? Why does Fox News consistently beat CNN and MSNBC in ratings? Why does Rupert Murdoch own tons of newspapers.

And finally, the whole idea of being “fair and balanced” is in and of itself ridiculous and not in the ideal of journalism.

The truth should be the first and only thing, whether it be negative to the president, the Democratic run congress or anybody else.

Sam Chesser

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