Oct 092007
Authors: Cece Wildeman

With performances ranging from various musical talents to slam poetry, Black Definition, a campus group devoted to issues of race on campus, hosted a talent show Tuesday night to support Cans Around the Oval, an annual food drive sponsored by CSU.

Talents showcased included a duet, various singers, a singing piano player, a comic, a magician, and, the act that received the most applause, a slam-poet.

The poem slammed a recent cartoon on the Collegian opinion page and addressed controversial issues in the community and the world, such as racial stereotyping. The crowd held nothing back in their excitement over sophomore Isaiah Kelley’s powerful writing.

Almost all audience members nodded their heads to his words and voiced their desire to see students addressing issues of racism at CSU and in the community.

“Black Student Alliance will take action,” said Quill Phillips, a junior human development and family studies major and the emcee for the event.

One specific issue that was addressed was the editorial cartoon printed in the Collegian on Monday depicting CSU football player Gartrell Johnson asking Head Coach Sonny Lubick for a new game plan.

“The poem touched my dear heart,” Phillips said.

The depiction of Johnson, dark under his helmet, with wide eyes and wearing his number five jersey, was offensive, Kelley said.

“Things like this don’t need to occur,” he said. “A lot of people don’t know about it (the editorial cartoon) or are uneducated. CSU is one of the most uncultured communities I have ever been in.”

“I just wanted to spread awareness,” he added.

The event was held primarily to showcase all talents and collect cans for the Larimer County Food Bank.

Samara Payton, who performed in the talent show as part of a dance group, said the talent show is another way to get involved and have fun. She has been involved in dance her whole life, this being the first dance group that she has been a member of outside of her church.

“I always enjoy watching people perform their talents,” said Payton, a freshman speech communications major.

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