Oct 082007

The College Republicans impressed the Collegian staff when they followed through with their somewhat anticipated publication of The Ram Republic Monday. Their editor in chief, Bobby Carson, said he and his republican friends felt their voices weren’t heard in the Collegian, so with the momentum provided by our infamous use of profanity, they’ve done it.

They’ve founded CSU’s conservative voice. And we’re thrilled to see students actively engaging in dialogue about all the issues that matter to republicans.

Truly, we’re happy to see their initiative working out, and we’re hopeful that students find their publication valuable.

One caveat, though. This is a conservative newsletter, not a newspaper.

Carson told the Rocky Mountain Chronicle the Republic staff “don’t pretend to be objective journalists,” which makes us feel better. We hope students can make the distinction.

While we acknowledge the College Republicans’ sentiment that the Collegian should have nothing but the utmost respect for the president, we will never agree. The difference, though, is our dissent is displayed on page four, which is conveniently labeled “OPINION.”

Seriously, look up; it’s there.

Turn to page one, and you’ll see news – actual news – not an advertisement or a letter from a failed politician. Just news. That’s our business. unless it’s page four.

Unfortunately, the Republic only prints monthly. In the meantime, if you need your conservative fix, you can turn to page four of the Collegian where extremely conservative voices run unabated next to liberal views, libertarian views and other views we’re still trying to identify.

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