LTTE: BSC decision

Oct 072007

There was a lot of talk last night that no one is going to be at the game next weekend, that its too hard to cheer for an 0-5 team.

Well, I’ve been a Cubs fan my entire life and you don’t see me crying, in fact I’ll be cheering on my loveable losers even harder next year.

That is exactly what our team needs. Let’s stand behind them and show some real school spirit.

Kasey Remley


Guest student

The Board of Student Communications has passed judgment on your editor in chief.

Their decision? Publishing his F** Bush editorial was “unprofessional and unethical.” So they gave him a pass – free speech – yada, yada.

The managing editor says she is happy because, “nobody could take Dave’s place.”

I’m sure it would have been difficult to find another editor who makes unethical/unprofessional decisions AND knows how to spell the F word.

Never mind the $30,000 in lost revenue. Sometimes things like that just happen when your editor also has lousy judgment.

What a sorry reflection on journalism and Colorado State University.

Dennis Hart

Fort Collins Resident

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