Oct 042007
Authors: Heidi Reitmeier

Rather than staring at finished art hanging silently on walls, art enthusiasts can see take a couple hours to see it in motion.

Tonight, the Fort Collins Museum is spending a night to celebrate all of the arts during the First Friday After Hours series as it continues with a celebration of Arts and Humanities month.

Beth Higgins, Public Relations and Development Coordinator for the Fort Collins Museum, hopes the event will bring the arts to people who might not be able to experience them otherwise, she said.

“Since the event is free of charge, it gives people the opportunity to see all the arts,” said Higgins. “It’s like a sampling platter of all the arts in one place.”

The First Friday After Hours series began as the Cultural Resources Board’s idea to expand opportunities to the public and increase awareness, said Higgins. The museum hosts the event each month in partnership with the board and also for the museum’s relation to the arts.

The festivities include music from the local band Cowtown Boogie, artists painting while onlookers view the piece in progress, theatre groups performing ten-minute skits, among various other art forms.

The CSU Tour Dance Co. will be performing three different dances at the Museum.

“The first dance includes all nine dancers and is Hawaiian themed. The duet is choreographed and performed by Chantel Doyon and Grady Soapes and the third dance is a solo ribbon dance,” Mallory Buffer, senior dance major said.

Grady Soapes, junior dance major, and Doyon originally did their dance routine for a class assignment. After watching the performance, the professor asked them to extend their routine and perform it in the Spring Dance concert last April and further decided to include their routine in the roster for this event as well.

“Growing up together and being both dance majors,” Soapes said, “Chantal and I are in the process of trying to get our routine to other venues in Colorado.”

The CSU’s advanced painting class taught by Professor Sullivan will also be painting in the galleries throughout the night.

Other festivities that will be held at the event will be a Museum Store Book Sale, Local History Archives open house and a local arts resource table where the public can find further information on all the arts that participated in the event.

Further information on the Fort Collins Museum’s First Friday After Hours Series can be found on there website: www.fcgov.com/museum/first-friday.php or by phone: (970) 221-6738.

Staff writer Heidi Reitmeier can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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