Oct 042007

To Mr. Nick Hemingway,

First off, it is extremely unfair to categorize all the Democrats with Dick Durbin and Jack Murtha. Your categorization is similar to thinking that all Republicans agree with every statement Bill O’Reilly and Fox Network produce.

Although, factually there have been numerous accounts of inhumane brutality by our own American troops, these have presented our troops too harshly. Such statements may have led to your misinterpretation of our (the Democrats) stance on Iraq.

It is not that we do not support our soldiers, it’s that we do not support the war. In fact we support and love our troops so much that we want them to come home to their family and friends. Bringing them home would save countless lives.

Obviously, we haven’t made much progress in Iraq (i.e. we haven’t been able to eradicate terrorists or set up a stable Democracy), so why sink more into a war when we could provide a better public school system for America’s underprivileged youth or help create more earth friendly fuels?

Also, it’s not so much that Iraqis need protection from Al-Qaeda, as much as our own troops do. I believe that soldiers should be here for our protection, not for the mutilation of other countries.

Personally, as a Democrat I don’t feel there are many reasons to start wars. They end up killing so many, but for what? How many more lives are you willing to sacrifice?

Sarah Lubin



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