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Oct 032007

This week marks the anniversary of CSU’s first Homecoming in 1915, which began as a celebration of the successful 7-0 season. This year, Lubick and his downtrodden crew have suffered losses in every game they’ve played.

And even though the road to glory looks like it’s been permanently blocked with sweaty, rock-hard linemen, there is still hope in our football future. In the past 11 Homecoming games, Lubick and the Rams have won 9 games. Not too shabby, eh?

It seems as though Homecoming brings with it the Football Gods in addition to parades, bonfires, tailgating and, oh don’t forget, a bring-your-parents-to-school day. So, it’s time to dust off your Ram gear and warm-up your pipes because the CSU football team needs to see and hear your school spirit.

The Homecoming Parade is also a tradition passed on from generations of Rams. It symbolizes school spirit, student involvement and, yes, yes, great pre-game parties. On Saturday morning when the bells and whistles open your sweet, sleepy eyes, get out of bed, pour yourself a cold one (we’re talking milk here people) and make your way to the crowd. It’ll be worth it.

And we just want to give an early shout out to the mom’s and pop’s we’ll be seeing in class tomorrow (and we’ll try to leave all curse words out of the Op/Ed page).

Go Rams!

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