LTTE: To Ryan Nowell

Oct 032007

Ryan Nowell,

You really need to spend time in the real world.

Go get a job and when you get on that job, tell your new boss that he/she really does not know what he/she is doing because you are so honest and just want to help.

The news media is made up of anywhere from 85 to 90 percent liberal thought.

We as consumers choose who to buy from and who not to.

Right now your school is being viewed by the public as a liberal-leaning school and if that is what you want to be, fine. Just do not ask everyone to agree with you.

We who do not agree say I will not send my child to a school that is full of that crap. Your alumni have decided to withhold donations and you do not get that.

When you join the working world and get that first check and see the dollars that are going out to TAXES, you may change your mind.

Give you a quick lesson in life – are you aware that of all dollars collected by the federal government, 67 percent go to social programs? 67 percent.

Hope you make a lot of money as you get to contribute.

Words mean things.

John McPac

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