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Authors: Cece Wildeman

The 7th annual Diversity Conference at CSU came to a close last week, and now the university has time to reflect on the successes and the letdowns of the three-day event.

The conference focused on national and global dimensions and included two days of presentations, keynote speakers and university dialogues regarding global issues and diversity.

“Generally, I think it was a positive conference,” said Dana Hiatt, organizer of the conference.

The highlight of the conference was the keynote speaker, Andrew Young, a former ambassador, she said.

Participation during the event has been increasing over the years among CSU students and the Fort Collins community, but this year still didn’t quite meet expectations, Hiatt said.

The gradual, yearly increase is partly due to professors urging students to go and, once they went to one event, they became interested in other events that the conference offered, Hiatt said.

CSU students also volunteered at the conference by participating in panel presentations, collecting participation lists, handing out evaluations and helping at the information desk.

“I think that students found something interesting and then went to something else. That’s what we would like to do, find things that people value,” Hiatt said.

For next year’s conference, Hiatt said she would like to focus more on marketing and making sure that people know when the conference will be taking place and what it includes.

The content will be similar next year, she said. The organizers of the event will look at the evaluations and consider them before they begin their planning for next year.

“It is important because it offers an opportunity for the university to engage directly with diversity and all of its facets . it’s three days where we can take what we do on an everyday basis and see what other people are doing and explore something totally new,” Hiatt said.

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