Oct 032007
Authors: Aaron Hedge

The center lobby section of Aylesworth was evacuated Thursday after a steam pipe was found cut at about 9 a.m. when the heat was turned on. Contractors cut the line earlier this summer when they were installing air-handling units, which circulate air through the building.

“Pretty minimal damage is what we’re hearing about,” said Sandy Sheahan, spokeswoman for facilities management.

The Poudre Valley Fire Authority was called as a precaution to regulate steam.

There was light damage to roof tiles and some carpet got wet. Sheahan said the problem would be fixed and parts of the building would be accessible again by noon.

Several expensive items, including CSU’s Gutenberg printing press and photo laboratories, are housed in the center section of Aylesworth. There was no damage done to the expensive pieces of equipment, Sheahan said.

Classroom C101 will be open by noon. C108 and 111 will be open by 1 p.m. And rooms C102, C104 and C106 will be open Friday. Students must enter through the North entrance until all rooms are repaired.

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