Oct 022007

You might say the Padres pretty much dropped the ball, huh?

I’m conservative and I’m not going anywhere … I guess all you liberals are gonna have to deal with another “blind sheep”. HAHA!!!!

F#@k everyone who is hatin on Sonny Lubick! He is the best damn coach that CSU has had and ever will have!

To everyone who thinks they are smarter & know more about what’s best for our country than the PRESIDENT OF THE US: YOU AREN’T & YOU DON’T.

SAE is trying to sell parking passes in “their” lot for $90 each. Didn’t they try to be recognized by the University and National Chapter and get denied? Where do you hold your meetings now that your frat house is boarded up? In the parking lot? I bet that $90/spot is going to buy alcohol for 17 year-old girls. Let’s say one wanted to join your non-existent fraternity, do you sign up in the parking lot?

Just say no to Dave Mathews, please!

To the conservative girl who wants to change schools: Lets get married, move to a blue state and suppress liberals.

To the guy who picked up my cell phone after I dropped it, and proceeded to chase me down the street on his bike while I was completely oblivious thanks to headphones: Thank you so much for returning my lifeline! I heart you!

I never thought I’d see the day that the Rockies win 14 or their last 15, make the playoffs, and the CSU Rams football team is 0 for their last 11. If the Rockies can win why can’t we Sonny?

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