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Oct 022007

Once again I feel the editors of this paper have failed in their responsibilities to make sound editorial decisions.

I am referring this time to the October 2, 2007 cartoon of what I will refer to as the Loucks debacle.

Regardless of what I, or others, think of this young lady and her mother’s reaction to the events of the past two weeks, I feel that the paper has sunk to a new professional low in seeking out this person for her story one day only to take cheap pot-shots at her the next.

Bullying individuals for their thoughts and opinions with the power of this publication should keep all those with differing opinions shut-up.

Your argument for the freedom of speech suffers seriously from this error and in singling her out for ridicule you show callous disregard to the students of this university.

To the Collegian editors //- get a new job.

Greg Wilkerson, DVM

Ph.D. Candidate Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology

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