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Oct 022007

CSU Bookstore director John Parry needs to issue a public statement to this campus to account for his actions Friday, September 21 when he pulled Bookstore advertising from the Collegian.

Parry pulled the bookstore’s advertising contract in response to the Collegian F*** Bush commentary.

Mr. Parry does not own the Bookstore, he runs it in the interest of the ENTIRE campus community.

Like any smart business, we assume the Bookstore has regularly advertised in the Collegian because it helped boost sales for the Bookstore. Otherwise, why would Parry have allowed the bookstore to incur the cost of such advertising?

Could Mr. Parry’s decision to withdraw money that was not his to withdraw potentially hurt the revenues of the Bookstore?

He needs to justify his decision to pull advertising, and he needs to reveal who he consulted prior to making the decision – was it a unilateral decision, was the President’s Office contacted?

Just as Collegian editor-in-chief David McSwane rightly is being held to account for his actions as a person of power on this campus, John Parry also needs to be held to account.

The pulling of advertising or the threat of such has been a tactic long used by corporate advertisers as a way to intimidate, censor, or punish the news media. It is counter to a free and open press environment, and that means it is counter to a democratic society. Shame on John Parry for stooping to such a tactic.

If Parry wanted to voice his opinion about the Collegian’s editorial, he should have followed the process like the rest of us who don’t have Parry’s power.

Everyone else on this campus who wanted to express their feelings had to submit a complaint letter to the Student Board of Communications and/or show up at the public meeting last Wednesday night to offer public comment.

Instead, Parry abused his position of power on this campus and the economic power he wields as a result of that position. He should be held accountable.

Pam Jackson


Department of Journalism and Technical Communication

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