Oct 022007
Authors: Aaron Hedge

The CSU Police Department issued an e-mail alert to the campus community at 6:15 p.m. Tuesday night after a student reported a sexual assault on Monday in one of the residence halls. The assault allegedly took place on Friday.

CSUPD said in the message they don’t believe the incident is related to other recent assaults under investigation by Fort Collins Police Services, but that they are taking the report seriously, as should the campus community.

The suspect or suspects have not been identified, the message said.

The alert included a list of precautions for students to take, including to keep doors locked and chained, be aware of strange people following students into the residence halls, avoid isolation, make sure that someone knows where they are at all times and call police immediately if they witness anything suspicious.

Students are advised in the message to call for campus safety services like SAFEWALK if they are walking home alone or suspect that they are being followed.

The alert also warns off-campus students to keep their windows and doors locked.

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