Oct 012007

To the parents who are removing their students from CSU because of the editorial: Do you plan to shelter your child from opinions that differ from yours for the rest of their life? Exactly what is this teaching them?

If anyone wants to leave CSU, please do! It would be one less conservative we would have to worry about. Maybe you would start a trend!!!

Can the athletic department please say bon voyage to Sonny? Playing conservatively hasn’t worked for 11 straight games…lets not make it 12!

Have you ever heard a squirrel bark before? Mr. Nibbles, my live-in squirrel, barks every morning to signal the sun has come up. I think he is confused as to whether his mother was a dog or a rooster.

My living situation is perfect roommate-wise. Now if only poop wouldn’t shoot through the floors and piles of bugs wouldn’t mate/die in the windows and floors…

If you’re so conservative that you and you parents still stand blindly by our “leader,” please leave CSU. We are growing intellectuals here, not a flock of blind sheep.

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