Oct 012007

In 2003, three young men set off on an adventure few would encourage or even understand. Jason Russell, Laren Poole and Bobby Bailey traveled to Africa in hopes of finding a story that would change their lives. And they came back with a story that not only changed the lives of the three young activists, but also the lives of thousands of African children.

In Northern Uganda, children were being abducted from schools and homes in order to be forced into the midst of a 20-year-long war. The circumstances surrounding the abductions not only horrified the three filmmakers, but also inspired them to tell the story to the rest of the world.

The war in Uganda sadly continues on, but more and more children are being freed from the harsh circumstances of their reality. And a lot of the help has been motivated by the documentary, “The Invisible Children: Rough Cut” that Russell, Poole and Bailey brought back to the United States.

Lamba Theta Nu is showing “The Invisible Children” tonight at 8p.m. in Corbett and we encourage each of you to attend. The showing is free, but donations are welcome. And trust us, once you see the documentary, you will be one more American asking, “What can I do to help?”

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