Sep 302007

Ummm, I think its time to get rid of Sonny. The game has passed you up, old-timer.

I’ve got three simple words: Sonny must go!!

The other day I saw one of the blue-shirt environmentalists locked in a heated conversation with one of the roaming Mormons … I don’t know whom I felt more sorry for.

To that rude girl in my Organic Chemistry class: shut up. I may taser you the next time you open your mouth.

If you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn?

I watched my roommate on his bike get in the way of some girl on her bike. People went flying. It looked and sounded like this: #$(@_$#*%*)$.

Dearest CSU Bookstore: You will be boycotted for boycotting. Thanks for sending our business elsewhere.

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