Sep 272007

Props to the female student athletes at CSU.

The volleyball team swept San Diego State University out of the gym and back to the beach Thursday night and the women’s cross country team continues to be the only nationally-ranked varsity squad in Fort Collins.

Apparently though, no one seems to care too much about volleyball team these days. The turnout of the student section was pathetic Thursday night at Moby Arena. It’s a wonder how Makena Barnes and the rest of the Rams were able to get up for the match with such a lack of energy in the building.

Plenty of conversation about CSU sports recently seems to center around the football team’s inability to produce a win in what is coming close to almost a full year now. Instead, students should turn that negative energy into support for Tom Hilbert and his girls.

As for Sonny and his boys, things don’t look good on paper for this weekend’s matchup at Texas Christian University.

But who knows. The best thing about of sports, and please excuse the clich/, is that anything can happen any given day. Saturday just might be that day for the Rams football team.

Very little of the current 10-game losing streak has made much sense up to this point, so it only seems logical that it should end in a way that doesn’t add up, either.

And as far as the volleyball team goes, students have a chance to redeem themselves Saturday when UNLV comes to town.

Fight on, you stalwart Ram Team. Fight. Fight. Fight.

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