Sep 262007

To the people that run against the flow when my class gets out, would my world famous hip check keep you from doing that? I’d like to get out of class more than you want to get in.

Seeing another class be dismissed next to you in the Clark Building is like looking at another party across the street and wishing that you were there.

Can we see what Kanye thinks about this whole situation with the Collegian?

Since when do Panda’s fortune cookies give homework advice? I got one today that said, “If your work is not done, blame the computer.”

To the person in my S311 class who laughed about suicide in class Wednesday: please try to keep your constant commentary to yourself. I really think you are the only person who likes hearing your voice.

I haven’t seen an uproar in the media like this since the Denmark paper’s printed an image of Muhammad.

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