Sep 262007
Authors: Phil Elder

Editor’s note: this column contains harsh language.

The CSU newspaper is in serious trouble.

For those unaware of the recent events circulating around the Collegian, I will briefly recap.

On Friday, after a vote by the opinion editors, the words “Taser this . Fuck Bush” were printed as the board’s article for the day. This action taken has since caused national uproar, from CSU College Republicans to Rush Limbaugh himself, and has led to the request of the editor in chief’s resignation.

Though the article was within the boundaries of, and protected by, U.S. and Colorado law, hundreds on the CSU campus have made their voices heard and channeled their frustration towards David McSwane, the editor in chief.

Though they cannot demand his release due to the legality of the piece, this group has offered many arguments against both the newspaper’s article and its main editor, and I would like to share some of these arguments with you.

“The article shows bias in the newspaper.”

Yeah, it does. My articles show bias every week. That’s the point of the opinion page: if it weren’t biased it would just be news.

“It was inappropriate for the high school kids touring campus that day.”

How many high school kids do you know that don’t know, understand and use the word “fuck?” For most of us that word is introduced in elementary school, and to think that we were somehow exposing fragile minds to a crude concept is preposterous.

“Writing ‘fuck Bush’ was offensive to many CSU students.”

Last week the Collegian printed an opinion column advocating the military support of Israel, infamous for the systemized displacement, destruction and murder of the Palestinian people.

They have run many columns in praise of China, whose annexation and destruction of all surrounding cultures and peoples is deplorable at best.

How is dissent towards the nation’s leader more offensive than support of institutionalized murder?

“The Collegian showed a huge lack of professionalism for a college paper.”

This argument I will agree with.

The column was crude and unfitting of aspiring journalists at this level of thinking and writing. However, I hardly see this as a sufficient reason to fire the editor in chief, especially since doing so would devastate the newspaper that we all enjoy so well.

If David McSwane is let go, there are no replacements for him.

Those who are qualified for the position are unwilling to take it, and those willing are unqualified either as journalists or as leaders, both of which one requires to become editor in chief.

The paper’s integrity and reputation would subsequently plummet for the weeks to follow as a replacement is found, and would then likely limp forward at a fraction of the worth it enjoys today.

By printing this article, the Collegian has shot itself in the foot. If we fire the most qualified editor in chief that CSU has to offer, we will be shooting it in the face.

And to all those who responded to the Collegian with comments like “go to hell,” “fuck Dave” and “fuck your mom,” congratulations. You have lowered yourself to the writing level of the column you seem to hate so much. Next time maybe you can use big boy words.

Phil Elder is a senior political science major. His column appears occasionally in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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