Sep 252007

Kimber Denny is out of line to say that the CSU College Republicans represent

“the voice of CSU and the Fort Collins community.” I sure as hell hope not.

You’re just like the Commander in Chief, Kimber…in DENIAL.

I commend the collegian for having the guts to make a statement that HAS

SUCCEEDED in getting this campus talking. It’s reassuring to know that everyone who was offended by the editorial wasted no time complaining about how offended they were. If you think reading profane words really will send you to hell, DON’T READ THEM!!!!!!

I am trying to lose weight before Halloween, but I am not too into diets and I just don’t think working out is going to cut it. So, I was wondering if anyone would mind passing his or her mono onto me.

Ram Talk: “Libelous or obscene submissions will not be printed.” Can I become an Editor then?

Who cares about the Collegian’s controversial editorial; the Cubs are going go to the playoffs!

F*** the CSU College Republicans! You won’t be the voice of my school!

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