Sep 252007

As we’ve asserted quite often in the few days, we’re crazy about public debate.

For this reason, we encourage any and all students to attend the Board of Student Communications meeting tonight at 7 p.m. in room C101 of the Plant Sciences building.

Whether you stand with us on our editorial or whether you would like to see the lot of us fired, it is important that people attend.

America is a democracy, and as such, it is imperative that as many voices as possible come out to the meeting to make sure the will of the community is known to the Board members charged with deciding the future of the Collegian’s editor in chief.

If nobody comes, it will show Fort Collins and the nation that CSU students are apathetic about their rights and their school.

It is important we, as a student body, show that we have pride in our university and we care about the future of a Student Media.

We realize that our editorial has become a polarizing force on our campus, so we do ask one thing of detractors and supporters alike – please be civil to each other tomorrow night.

You make think it rich of us to be asking this, but we know how things can get in a politically charged atmosphere.

Protest our crudeness or applaud our expression, but don’t let our statement divide you as students.

Don’t let our statement make you forget at least one thing, if the only, that we have in common.

We’re all CSU Rams. Protest in peace.

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