Sep 252007
Authors: Ricki Dugdale

The final census has been taken, marking this year’s freshman class in the record books permanently.

According to the Office of the Vice President for Enrollment, CSU enrolled its largest freshman class ever with 4,392 students.

“Anytime it (the number) is higher than your target, you’re pleased with exceeding that number,” said Robin Brown, vice president for enrollment and access.

Before the census, Mary Ontiveros, executive director of admissions, was looking for an increase in total undergraduate enrollment.

With 20,765 enrolled this fall, up from 20,500 last fall, admissions counselors are receiving a positive response to their efforts.

“I would say we have great admissions counselors who are developing personal relationships with incoming students,” Brown said. “We also have a new visitor center that made a favorable impression on those people looking for universities.”

As this semester adds the second year of increased enrollment, admissions counselors are looking to continue to bring in students, in-state and out-of-state.

“We want to continue to grow non-resident freshman enrollment,” Brown said. “For resident students, we want to maintain our numbers.”

CSU is the number one choice for Colorado residents, and she wants to continue to enroll the most Colorado residents of the state’s four-year universities, said Brown.

And CSU is also taking notice of the caliber of students being attracted to the university.

“We had an unexpected growth in the honors program,” Brown said. “We are attracting the best and brightest,”

Diversity enrollment has also increased this year. A total of 3,178 minority students were enrolled this fall, increasing 0.5 percent from last fall.

The total number of students enrolled, including undergraduates, graduates and professional veterinary medicine students is 24, 983, the largest overall enrollment since fall 2004.

“We have two years of good momentum and, knock-on-wood, we are heading in the right direction for enrollment numbers set for the future,” Brown said.

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number of freshman enrolled fall 2007


number of freshman enrolled fall 2005


number of total students enrolled for fall 2007, the largest enrollment since fall 2004


percent of student population for minority students

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