LTTE: Taser This Editorial

Sep 242007

So, the new standard of journalistic free speech is foul-mouthed, mean-spirited, low-brow abusiveness?

That fits right in with the current dismal standards of news judgment where unsubstantiated rumors are reported as undisputed fact, political opinion is passed off as objective reporting and yellow journalism has become the establishment.

Well then, allow me to join in that new journalistic dialogue:

Go fuck yourselves!

Pulitzer prize material, eh?

Steve Campbell

Houston, Texas

While you might have political differences with President Bush and First Amendment right to voice them, open vulgarity, in my opinion, is not the answer.

The ballot box in 2008 is the place to let your voice be heard. If your headline in the paper was making a statement toward free speech then I really believe you are missing the point of the First Amendment.

I was told one time if you have to use vulgarities to make your point that it was lost to start with.

Gary Coonrod

Fayetteville, NC

I agree with your sentiments 100%. Still the critique you and your editors have received over this controversy are well deserved. Sure, the Collegian obtained more notoriety that it would have otherwise received, but at the cost of entertaining a divided audience.

The use of profanity overshadowed your message – and that is not good editorializing.

My hopes are that you and the supporting staff will continue to fight the fight for what you believe in, while learning to work within our system of mores.

You made a mistake, but you are not the first or last to do so. So learn your lesson and move on.

Hey, that is why you are going to school, right?

Jonathan Burt

Chicago, IL

One wonders if the board may be lacking in imagination and vocabulary.

If the only way that could be found to make a point was the use of fuck, your education is sorely lacking.

Dr. Fred Hambrecht

Gilbert, SC

I am appalled that an editor in chief of a prestigious college such as Colorado State University would be so journalistically irresponsible.

Yes, I understand that the constitution guarantees the right to free speech. However, there is such a thing as exercising it with dignity, honor, good taste and respect.

Feeling you need to use this type of “gutter language” to express an opinion either personally or as a group, detracts from the professionalism expected of those who have been entrusted to uphold such an honorable position.

You and some of your “honorable” board members apparently must be hoping to be recruited by such prestigious public forums such as rather than the more respected news media organizations.

Shock value only goes so far, and can serve to come back and bite you later when you really need that job you were hoping for after you graduate.

Be glad I’m not your potential future employer.

And that’s my free speech opinion expressed in a proper, respectful manner.

Hilton Brannan

Actually, in context, I get what the editorial staff was trying to accomplish with your Bush comment.

I, too, find the comment offensive and ill advised, but I understand that the statement would have been meaningless had it not been outrageous enough to engender controversy.

I have only one question: Why Bush?

The incident that inspired the comment happened at a Kerry event, with Sen. Kerry’s security people present, and Sen. Kerry droning on without missing a beat – seemingly unmoved by the drama – as the whole event unfolded.

It seems to me that F*** KERRY would have been appropriate. Invoking the President’s name makes about as much sense as F*** McSWANE’S MOM.

It would help, I think to be a little more honest.

Admit that at least four members of your editorial board liked the idea of throwing a little mud on good ol’ Dubyah.

To say “our intentions were not malicious” makes little sense when the name invoked appears to have been selected by preference rather than relevance.

Ken Armstrong

Grants Pass, Oregon

As a CSU graduate I found the deeply thought out “Fuck Bush” editorial published in the Rocky Mountain Collegian to be an embarrassment for the paper, the school, and to all of us who graduated from this fine institution.

It would be outstanding if you implement the embodiment of the “Fairness Doctrine” and print my deeply thought out guest response editorial which is as follows:

Fuck you, you fucking Democrat fuck.

Although it is two words longer than the editorial to which it responds, it is without argument just as thought provoking and should further elevate the discussion of free speech on this fine campus.

Please let me know the reasons if you decide not to publish my guest response editorial, otherwise please let me know the date it will be published and I would appreciate a free copy.

Bryan Benjamin

CSU alum

Your decision to allow “fuck Bush” in your newspaper is both unprofessional and inappropriate.

No matter your political views this type of action is senseless. This was only done to draw attention to yourself and your paper but unfortunately all it really did was give your entire university a black eye.

I can just see all you “editors,” (that is using the term very loosely) standing around giggling in the hours before this went to press.

Stay in school, grow up and spend some time actually writing something with a little substance!

Brady Markell

Minneapolis MN

You know, I may be relatively old compared to you guys (I am 46) but your lack of common sense in publishing that headline “Taser This **** Bush” really does make me wonder where this world is heading.

All I can do is ask that you thin tings through a little more carefully from now on.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Garbage in, garbage out.” Just think about it.

Just because you are in college does not give you the right to be an idiot. Just look at that girl from MIT who walked into an airport with a fake bomb taped to her chest and claimed it was “atr.” What are you guys doing to yourselves? More than that, what kind of example are you setting for the next generation and the generation after that?

Just think about it and get your heads out of your ***es, take a breath of fresh air and think about what kind of world you are creating for your children.

Brent Braten

Buffalo, Wyoming

Fuck you, you miserable worthless scumbag!!!!!!

Kevin DeTray

Bucyrus, Ohio

I sincerely appreciate your honest editorial expression of 21 Sept. 2007.

I look forward to the next generation of honest young journalists, who rather than hide behind a false facade of objectivity, as is done today, will be unafraid to tell the world where they are coming from.

It simply hastens the day when what is now termed the mainstream media atrophies into just a shrill voice preaching to its own choir, a voice that is obnoxious, immature and irritating, but eminently ignorable.

Ken Javor

You should be fired.

I have absolutely no respect for your decision to allow such a disgraceful headline for the editorial comment in the Collegian newspaper.

Aside, from your wimpy excuse to exercise the First Amendment as cover for your decision, this choice of word is out of bounds.

It is indecent for publication, just as conversation.

But sadly, it really shows the state of Colorado and the country that CSU is not a respectable institution for learning.

You perceive you are speaking to like-minded students as yourself and this, indeed, is a sad commentary on the students and faculty.

I am so angry as an alumni member that you and your staff have degraded the President of the United States in such a manner. You will now have to realize the consequences of your actions, either by firing from the newspaper or receiving emails/letters from people across the state.

I, for one, will find another recipient of alumni support and will reconsider my children’s choice for a university.

How dare you use the First Amendment as your shield to protect you from criticism and somehow defend your choice!

The First Amendment protects you to write what you want to write, but this is also where the responsibility of your actions begins.

You will see the consequences, this I know. You will have to atone for you and your Board.

And, I will not soon forget the dishonor you have brought to Colorado State University.

Betsy VanderWerf

CSU alum ’84

Perhaps your foul mouths, obvious inability to express yourself in any intellectually acceptable manner could be excused were you not so obviously a group of fools.

Your naivet/ is apparent in your comment.

Kids your age sadly seldom have any significant degree of maturity, little judgment and probably no significant knowledge of the real state of the world and the realities of life.

You probably think the Jews destroyed the World Trade Center. Sadly the intellectual elites at universities are a naive class of unrealistic individuals.

This nation is in a fight for the survival of Western Civilization against fanatics who are stuck in the Middle Ages and who do not value human life an iota.

President Bush knows this and proceeds according to his conscience.

I am sure we would all be much better off if Al Gore had won the election (which he did not).

As you age, perhaps you may follow the common progression of intellectual development as described by Winston Churchill, to wit: If you are twenty and you are not a liberal, you have no heart; if you are forty and not a conservative, you have no head (brain).

Possibly there is still some hope for some of you.

Peter Welch M.D.

Good for you for standing up for something.

Every time I see an amputated soldier, a blind soldier, a soldier who has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but was forced to sign that he/she didn’t have it so the vet administration doesn’t have to pay for what they facilitated in causing, a child who doesn’t have health care, a young person who can’t afford to attend college or a family who has been pushed to the streets or living without water or electricity because they can’t afford it, I am sickened.

Just sickened by an horrifically uncaring administration who knows nothing but their own internal dialogue that justifies their petty fights and squabbles at the cost of a nation’s present and future.

Shame on them and good for you for standing up to the horrors of it all.

Jean Danielson

Lincoln, Nebraska

You Fuck

You make a great point connecting the President to an idiot trying to ham it up for the media.

Fuck you.

Fuck your shitty little paper.

Fuck your mother.

Fuck yourself.

Fuck your college.

I like free speech too.

James Pruitt

Indian Head, Maryland

The Colorado State University will be taken off our short list of schools that my son will be attending next year.

Free speech is great and I love it, but I also love people with integrity.

The 116-year tradition of the Collegian has now been tarnished by the lack of integrity of its editorial board.

They should be ashamed, as I am.

Ronald Rone

Houston, Texas


A person responsible for the editorial aspects of publication is an editor.

I hate the definitions with the word of the definition in it. I believe that the editor and the Collegian staff as a whole needs to pull their heads out of the dark hole of recent media flatulation.

Try writing something to go with your headline. It might help you explain your point of view, if you have one other than bold print.

Dave Green

Watershed Science – Geology – Spatial Information Systems Management

It has been said that people who use such vulgar language lack intelligence.

I find it a pity that you publish such garbage then hide behind the First Amendment.

As I type this letter, there are men and women sacrificing more than you ever will to protect your right to print what you did in your little newspaper.

You and your staff should be ashamed of yourselves.

Darrin J. Desmarais

Wilton, NY

Kindly honor a CSU alum and former Collegian opinion columnist by answering a few questions:

(1) How can a “statement bashing President Bush” reflect anything but “malicious” intentions? It seems to me that “bashing” anyone reflects malice. Am I wrong?

(2) How might an obvious publicity stunt combined with inept law enforcement during a speech by a Democratic Senator at a Florida University be related to the policies of Bush, a Republican President?

Perhaps connections do exist, but neither your initial two-word incendiary editorial nor the Editor in Chief’s letter to readers explain this.

(3) Do large, bold-faced words of shocking expletives represent the fullest extent of your collective literary talents?

I sincerely hope not, but the unfortunate likelihood is that your two-word parroting of a ubiquitous slogan on protest signs and bumper stickers across the country represents the most recognition any of you will garner. How sad.

It’s disappointing to see that puerile and inarticulate children have seized the reins of my old university’s venerated newspaper, and now use the Collegian to spew vulgar clich/s in some misguided application of the First Amendment.

If you’re not humiliated, trust me: countless thousands of people (I, for one) are deeply embarrassed on your behalf.

Grow up.

Jon Watkins

Kobe, Japan

I think it is shameful that a college newspaper should bash the President using an expletive for the reason of expressing the importance of First Amendment rights.

I don’t know the connection between the student being tasered at the Kerry event and bashing your President in such a distasteful way.

I hope the apology will be forthcoming soon.

Christopher Bozek

Kitami, Japan

When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual generalities, but this is what they heard:

“Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance.

We know Your Word says, ‘Woe to those who call evil good,’ But that is exactly what we have done.

We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values.

We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.

We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.

We have killed our unborn and called it choice.

We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable.

We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self-esteem.

We have abused power and called it politics.

We have coveted our neighbor’s possessions and called it ambition.

We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of speech and expression.

We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.

Search us, oh, God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free.


Hayward Morrison

Free speech is wonderful.

What is sad is what passes for college-level writing at your school.

After graduation, you’d be wise to keep the profanity bottled up or you’ll find it hard to stay employed.

You should ask the college for a refund. They’ve failed.

Lloyd R. Kreiser

I don’t know you, but I just read what you published in the Collegian.

How old are you? I would judge after reading your letter that you might be about sixteen or seventeen.

I can’t believe that someone in authority would stoop so low as to insult the President of our country.

At what age does one learn respect for people in authority?

You may not agree with Mr. Bush, but is it necessary to totally show your fellow students just how low you can go?

I have always been of the opinion that if you want to gain respect you need to elevate your thinking and actions.

Let’s just suppose that some day you have a son. Do you want him to read what his daddy wrote? Do you think that he would be proud of his dad?

How do you really expect us to believe your published reasons for printing the headline? It’s difficult when we have no respect for you.

Grow up, boy. Is this how you want to be remembered?

Dotty Kangas

It’s people like you and your editors who are what is wrong with this country.

I dread your generation as you are the ones who use the amendments when it is convenient for you, but bad mouth other amendments such as the right to bear arms.

It’s amazing that you can rationalize and stand behind that headline.

I will exercise my free speech now and actually stoop to your level: YOU ARE IDIOTS!

Matt Kane

Freedom of speech is one thing. Freedom to print crudeness & vulgarity is quite another.

Friday’s “opinion” about President Bush says more about the editorial staff than it does about the actual writer.

Printing it was terrible judgment and promotes the use of crude language to get attention, instead of sharing fully formed ideas or thoughts.

This is an insult to the reading public and indicates that the editorial standards at the Collegian are quite low.

Mr. McSwane’s claim that they were defending the First Amendment is silly.

Somehow the First Amendment is still intact despite a long history of journalistic restraint about printing vulgar language.

We could all use a good dose of enforced civility. A written policy by CSU Student Media of refusing to print vulgarity would be a good start.

Kristin O’Driscoll

Jacksonville, OR

Your editorial was published with both poor taste and poor judgment.

To dissent is one thing, but to descend is another.

Adrian Hernandez

What you did is NOT an issue of the First Amendment. It is a demonstration of the ignorance of the staff of the Collegian regarding today’s issues.

Respect is not a right, it is something you earn and you have lost mine with this action and your pathetic attempt to justify it by hiding behind the First Amendment.

Robert J Owen

Conway, SC

Your use of the four-letter word was and is both despicable and childish. Grow up.

Same applies to your so-called “university.”

Richard Shirkness


Let me exercise my right to free speech by saying you are incredible idiots and I hope you are unable ever to get a serious job in the world of real journalism.

I believe and hope that this stupid and malicious act will hinder you the rest of your lives.

Dr. Bernard Borah

I’m sorry that you folks on the editorial staff will suffer negatively from the article you wrote, but you should have anticipated that consequence.

Your zeal to share your political views does not display the neutrality that a serious news organization should. The consequences of your bias are now yours to shoulder.

I read many postings suggesting you all grow up. I’d say it differently, though I suspect with little effect.

You should gain maturity as a result of this situation.

Look deeply into your motivations. What were they? You did not report news.

In fact, you made news. Is that your job?

I read recently that Dan Rather suggests that the government influences news.

Interesting that he figured that out after 30+ years at the pinnacle of the news media.

I’d suggest that he, too, makes the news rather than reports it.

Look deeply folks.

Randy P. Murphy

Welcome to the real world, kids.

The reverse side of the free-speech coin is living with the consequences of your speech.

The Constitution says only that THE GOVERNMENT will make no laws abridging free speech. It doesn’t say that the citizens – those paying the bills – have to put up with your nonsense and act as if you haven’t said anything at all.

Lydia de Rocha

Alexandria, VA

Your statement has little or nothing to do with the First Amendment. It has everything to do with the immature actions of politically motivated, foolish and misguided college students.

Your statement, “we have found the unintended consequences of such a bold statement to be extremely disheartening,” is almost as foolish as the statement itself.

If you truly didn’t know the consequences, intended or unintended, then you’re just not very bright.

However, in my opinion, I believe you knew exactly what the consequences and reaction would be and that is why you published the statement.

In the future, why don’t you try doing something to help your fellow students and ultimately, your country instead of making petty, immature statements about our president?

We may not agree with everything our president does but we should at the very least show him the proper respect.

I’m pretty sure our founding fathers didn’t intend for people like you to hide behind the freedom of speech with this kind on nonsense.

If the freedom of speech is so near and dear to your heart, you should show some respect when using it.

Brian Killian

Freedom of speech, sure – as long as you are ethical enough to accept the consequences of your brazen stupidity.

Marcus Goldman, MD

You don’t deserve to have the freedoms and liberties described by OUR forefathers.

If you hate the United States of America so much, I highly suggest you move to a country on this planet that affords you better treatment. Oh – wait there is none.

Read a history book or two. Please.

Amy Poston

Using Profanity is not a matter of free speech – it is a sign of ignorance.

Is this what you are being taught in journalistic studies?

No wonder the media is looked upon as the lowest of the low lately and the mainstream media is dying a slow death.

Oh, and the jerk was tasered at a Kerry event and it had NOTHING to do with President Bush.

But it is again made abundantly clear that truth means nothing to you in the media.

Donna Fiore

I first read of your plight by paying attention to Michael Moore.

When I first read the letter I had that little pit developing – the pit of disappointment when I witness selling out to advertisers.

Personally if they don’t want to advertise then find someone else who does and I am sure with the attention being directed towards your paper their will be plenty.

Once again thank you for standing for the people

Adelaide Marie

You attacked Bush, who had nothing to do with the student being Tasered in Florida, and lost thousands of dollars in the process.


Cpl. Kevin Groenhagen

“Fuck Bush?” That’s it?

No explanation, just an emotional exclamation?

Wow, you folks at CSU are really getting a great education in journalism!

Obviously, this paper is edited and/or written by a group of sophomoric idiots incapable of rendering any real critical thought.

You know, folks, there are plenty of things you can criticize and substantiate regarding the current administration. Instead, you give us this?

You are no better than the right-wing reactionaries you so obviously detest!

If you want to say “Fuck Bush,” please tell us why and substantiate your complaints.

But that might be tough, given your limited vocabulary!

Paul Salyers

Being of the mind that our current president has been horribly damaging to our country, I agree with the sentiment of your editorial.

However, it is juvenile in the extreme, vulgar, and does nothing to elevate debate.

In fact, it serves mostly to relegate the Collegian to irrelevancy with most thinking adults.

Robert J. Brozka

Associate Director

Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands

Colorado State University

Without a doubt the Editorial Board is catching hell for publishing “fuck Bush” in the editorial section.

I just wanted to say that I am proud to attend a university that has a newspaper willing to utilize the First Amendment.

It was very bold and I am looking forward to this year’s issues of the Collegian.

Michael Yeager

CSU student

As a graduate of CSU and a twenty-five year member of the USAF serving under five Presidents, I found your editorial distasteful and disgusting.

You can do better than that while disagreeing with policy without resorting to vulgar and juvenile language.

Get your act together.

Ross A. Moon

Colonel USAF Ret

Colorado Springs, CO

I am a senior at CSU and have read the recent Collegian issue.

I would like to commend you and your writers! I thought it was brilliant.

I understand you and your staff will be receiving a great deal of criticism, but I feel it is necessary for you to also know there are students who appreciate the audacity and forwardness of the Collegian.

Thank you, and please continue to keep us on our toes!

Kari Beattie

CSU student

Dear President Penley,

I am the parent of a freshman at CSU.

I fully support the student newspaper in its editorial.

I am appalled that the university would initiate an “investigation.” Free speech is free speech.

If anyone should be doing and saying things like the TASER THIS editorial, it should be students.

If we restrict students to “good taste” and the delicate sensibilities of the old and the rigid, where will the defenders of our freedoms come from in the future?

We can civilly sit and watch all the good in our nation erode.

You must stand up for your students.

Their outrage and provocative statements are exactly the way to respond to the problem of accusing someone of inciting a riot as he exercises his right to an opinion in a public place.

I would be willing to bet that the editorial was truly a thoughtful argument.

These students knew exactly how the letter-writing public would react and they bravely decided that the point must be made.

Please teach my daughter that a university is a place of ideas, and a place of true discussion.

I hope that she will not learn at CSU that one must be careful in expressing one’s views, for fear of being physically, administratively or legally tasered.

Kathy Hackwith Groth

CSU parent

Aurora, CO

You mean to tell me that you are going to continue to post profanity in the newspaper just for the sake of exercising your right to free speech?

You are taking advantage of that right and are ruining it for all others who understand it for what it is meant for.

Nate Melchior

As a CU student who is otherwise critical of everything CSU, I’m disturbed to the point of ungovernable nausea that the Collegian readers were so offended by the editorial that ran in Friday’s newspaper.

Like any other citizen of the United States, they reserve every right to voice their opinion regarding the (failed) presidency of George W. Bush.

The point of an editorial page, and indeed the purpose of a Free Press, is to provide opinions regarding issues that are significant and prudent.

The use of a word that is arbitrarily deemed explicit is of no consequence.

If anything, the Editorial Board has done their job successfully; public dialogue was sparked over an issue that demands discussion, namely, the role of the press in our nation.

Note that had the Editorial Board ran anything that expresses an opinion that does not threaten the safety of an individual, group, or our country, they would have my unwavering support.

In the hope of uncensored expression, I stand behind the Collegian Editorial Board with courage that I only hope matches that of the newspaper’s embattled staff members.

God has chosen you to be soldiers of journalistic integrity, and as long as you need ammunition, you have a friend in Boulder with an ample supply.

Evan Sandsmark, J.D.

Boulder, CO

If only idiot college students were in charge, everything would be perfect.

Don’t worry about the Bush statement – everybody knows you’re a bunch of dumb punks.

Jim Born

First Amendment my ass.

FUCK McSwane

Art Robinson

Orange Park, Fl

I am truly saddened as to the extent you wish to take your right to free speech.

You are entitled to express your ideas and opinions. That is true. However, it would be more honorable to express them in a way that continues to show respect for the office that President Bush holds.

Whether you like him or not, he is the President of the United States.

By this point you should be educated enough to express your opinions tactfully and intelligently (if the professors at your university are doing their jobs).

It is possible to express rage without taking the extremes that were taken by your editorial staff.

If anything, I believe your actions reflected a lack of maturity, were rash in nature and made your university look bad for its lack of taste.

I hope that you graduate with more common sense if you hope to survive in the real world and move up the corporate ladder.

Evelyn Galan

I am a Californian with family in Colorado. Not particularly in your “community” but a concerned citizen nonetheless.

I am disappointed that you chose to run the “Bush” message on the front page of your newspaper.

You clearly state that the purpose was not to discuss George Bush, it was to “. reinforce the importance of free speech” at CSU.

Your reasoning is so childish as to, almost, stop me from pointing it out, but I am not sure that you understand.

Someone always draws the line somewhere. You have taken it upon yourself to move the line, the community standards, to a place that most people in your community (and even in mine in California) find offensive.

Further, it is unnecessary.

Who at CSU believes that free speech is not important? I wager that you can’t find three people on your campus who do not believe in the importance of the principle, even if there were a need. However, why is offending people the right way to accomplish your goal?

For instance, you could also have placed a photograph with the name and address of a rape victim on your front page.

That also would have made the point that free speech is important, but I doubt that even you would do such a thing. Yet that is where your reasoning leads.

Your position is that there is no line.

You unilaterally decided to move the community line. That is wrong and you should apologize.

Robert French

Valencia, CA

In regards to the F Bush statement – thanks.

It’s just one part of keeping our First Amendment alive.

Fuck Bush,

Brian Hill

MO Army National Guard (10 years)

Hello, I was just wanted to write and give you my opinion of your paper.

I just wanted to snoop to your high school level of a paper and say F- your paper.

Your comments about President Bush were wrong and as well unbelievably immature.

As Americans I agree with our freedom of speech and or ability to have our own opinion on things.

What I don’t understand is your paper is a college newspaper – that means young and bright people are writing this.

Your headline of F-Bush shows your stupidity, weather you love him or hate him.

No human deserves a headline such as that.

And I as well want to say I enjoyed your paper and will no longer be reading or supporting it.

Last thing is your paper’s poor use of your privileges has now made me embarrassed to be affiliated as a Colorado State student.

Kam Gates

Freshman CSU student

You are a bunch of low life spoiled punks. Get a life and a real job!

No matter what, you are talking about the President of the United States!!!

If this is so hard, please leave on the Iranian commercial flight this week.

Actually, just get out to anywhere you desire.

America does not need, or desire citizens of your low stature.

Got a problem with my mail?

I would like to hear your justification for your sad editorial headline. That is, if you still are on the job!

Tom Ehli

I read the 7news article about your situation.

As alumni of CSU, Monterey Bay and the previous art director and production manager of the Otter Realm campus newspaper, I support your choice to exercise your first amendment rights as a journalist.

We are in unique positions to be able to publish this kind of article, and it is honorable that you made the choice to stand up against the system when so many others have wanted to.

We sure as hell can’t leave it up to mainstream media to publish this kind of article.

We need more journalists like you. Now we need more advertisers who think like you.

Thank you for your courage.

Rose Silja Starr Freidin

Graphic Artist

How disappointing it must be to have students who publish this trash in the Rocky Mountain Collegian.

Freedom of speech is one thing, but common sense tells us that there are other ways to express a viewpoint without digging so low in the language garbage to express a view.

What does this tell about us as an intellectual society? I am afraid that it indicates that we are missing the mark and something needs to change to help everyone recognize that expression, respect, common decency needs to be brought back into the university setting.

Hmmm. The name of the paper is Collegian, which means “scholarly body.”

Could you really say that this was a scholarly write-up in the paper?

Very, very disappointed.

Vincent Griego

What you apparently fail to realize is that one’s right of “free speech” – as stipulated in the U.S. Constitution – does not provide blanket rights to anyone to communicate anything anywhere.

The classic example is shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theatre.

The intent of the right as established was to foster open discourse – not the base rhetoric you and your editorial board has sought to promulgate under the guise of “free speech.”

In my eyes, you have done a disservice to your constituents by attempting to raise profanity and derogation to the level of discourse.

If this is the future of American journalism, I personally find that very sad indeed.

Mark Berry

Omaha, NE

Your immaturity and sensationalism has done nothing for furthering our social discourse.

You have, however, contributed to the deeper division that our country is enduring.

I hope that all of your advertisers pull out and sink your paper.

You deserve to see the consequences of your crude actions.

I would have thought that someone in your position would have enough foresight to see this.

How disappointing. I hope the new editor has better judgment.

Kevin Martin

Atlanta, GA

As a proud native of Colorado, parent of a CSU alum and payer of state taxes, I strongly condemn the recent article regarding the actions of University of Florida officials in a recent speaking event.

America presents people like you and your editor with a lot of journalistic freedom, but it should not be without responsibility.

You are free to criticize the University of Florida and President Bush but using disgusting profanity, which is not only irresponsible, but tasteless and immature.

You owe the citizens of Colorado and your fellow students an apology and your prompt resignation as editor of the university newsletter.

Barry Wyatt

When I was a radio talk show host on KCSU (2 Chicks and Nick) I would have had you on the show the next day to defend your viewpoint. Too bad I graduated.

Never, not for one second, should you doubt what you did.

It took a lot of balls, and that’s fantastic to see in the media.

Just please, don’t get so self-righteous that you attack back against those who are attacking you. Stay strong, stay with your position, and everything will work out.

Of course, the average FoCo resident, and indeed, the average American, will never understand the context and will instead attack the controversy or argue you into a position where you can’t win.

So don’t argue – just ride it out.

In any case, thank you for that!

Nick Armstrong

CSU alum

Wow – I don’t know if this was the Collegian Editorial Board’s attempt to show some kind of pseudo Ivy League intellect or lame liberal wit, but congratulations on a poor showing.

Anyone can show his or her ass in public to grab attention.

Your published view tarnished all those connected to CSU.

Unfortunately, as editor, you not only failed as an intellectual, but also as a leader.

I guess we CSU supporters and alumni should not expect a kid to make professional and classy decisions.

Hope you can become a professional before you leave school.

David James Fennell, Esq.

CSU alum ’96

I graduated from CSU back in 2004.

Even though I no longer live in Fort Collins, I care about the school and it’s image.

I am very disappointed at your recent editorial. Regardless of political beliefs, this editorial was unacceptable.

CSU is an open campus. Anyone can go and get a copy of the Collegian, including young children.

It is not okay to publish something as rude and distasteful as you did. The fact that Channel 7 News couldn’t even display the full editorial is proof enough that you crossed the line.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

This has nothing to do with First Amendment rights.

It has everything to do with portraying CSU as a great school and, instead of doing that, you have now created a blemish.

I don’t want to see this kind of news on TV. I want to hear of positive things going on at CSU.

To be honest, I hope you lose your position and that all of the businesses that are advertising through the Collegian will stop.

Just because you have the right to say whatever you want doesn’t mean you should.

You have a responsibility to be mature and express the opinions of everyone on campus.

I assure you, not everyone at CSU agrees with your comments and I am sure you are going to hear all about it.

Again, I am very disappointed and hope that you will have to pay retributions for your actions.

Robin Hughes

CSU alum ’04

I loved Friday’s edition of the Collegian!

I am 44 years old and the large print quote was an excellent expression of free speech related to an incident that many college students could relate to.

Know what you are looking at! Learn from history.

Too bad you pulled Friday’s entire edition from the boxes.

I’m letting the BBC know about this.

It’s just too funny to watch the over-reaction!

America home of free speech!

Get tasered and your salary lowered if you speak out. What’s next, a SLAP?

Laura Deeney

Senior Political Science Major

Thank you for standing up for the First Amendment, Mr. McSwane.

Dan Spitzer

As a graduate of Colorado State University living in Scottsdale, AZ, I was disappointed to hear of the decision to print the title of your editorial as you did.

I don’t always agree with many positions that politicians take on certain issues, but believe I can disagree with them in a manner more appropriate than you seem to have taken.

Name-calling gets you nowhere and instead of being someone I might agree with, I find myself embarrassed to be associated with you through the tie of the university.

Dialogue where issues are spoken in an adult manner may prove more productive, but instead you chose the low road of name-calling.

It is now understandable why nobody wants to talk to each other – there is no give and take – just yelling! Very sad.

Lori Leahy

CSU alum ’85

I am embarrassed for myself and all students, alumni, parents and associates of CSU.

Hopefully, the feedback you get on the poor taste shown will taser both you and any of your staff that support this kind of journalism.

What a shame.

Tamara Muhic

Grow up!

Your headline referring to our president in a derogatory manner is disgusting and immature.

This type of action reflects in a very negative way upon your newspaper and your entire student body.

Carri Ellison

Torrington, WY

As an alumnus of CSU (MS, 1973) I take this opportunity to express my outrage at the editorial of the Rocky Mountain Collegian on Sept. 21.

While respecting editorial boards freedom of speech, I deplore its choice of speech.

In its feeble attempt to the affirm the publications freedom of speech the Board managed to bring great disrespect to a great university and simultaneously besmirch the dignity of highest office in the nation.

I expected more of the students at CSU and am appalled at what was done.

It is too bad when student editors let their radical views and disrespect for President Bush to cause them to bear so much disrespect for themselves.

John Baize

Falls Church, VA

Every wonder why Americans are rejecting print media by the millions? You and your staff are a perfect example.

A room full of like minded people standing around drinking up their own Kool-aid and convincing yourselves that their opinions are the only ones that matter because anyone who disagrees must be stupid or uninformed. We’re not.

What a bunch of close-minded fools!

How about F**K Kerry? He’s the one who stood by and let this happen without a word.

Why attack Bush; what did he have to do with it? Oh yeah, everything is Bush’s fault.

On college campuses, the true freedom of speech battle is conservative minded students trying to express their views without being punished.

I have a 15 year-old son who feels strongly about this war and wants to join the military.

Even though I live just a few miles away, I already have written off sending him to CU because of the intolerant left-wingers that dominate the school.

I guess CSU is going down the same path!

It kills me that someday he may lay down his life to give a bunch of ungrateful morons the right to criticize the values he believes in.

Show some respect for the men and women that have the spine to stand up and fight for the rights you abuse.

We do remember your earlier attacks on the military!

You probably should just resign and go write blogs for

Richard Holmes

I agree that free speech is an important part of the American experience. However, there is something that you and the Board forgot – responsibility goes along with your right to free speech.

The “f” word shows total disregard for your readers, and putting that next to and associating that with the President of the United States is unbelievable.

Personally, I believe that you do not have the wisdom to be in the position that you hold.

You let your feelings for a man disgrace you, your paper and your college.

It is too bad that you had not learned that before now.

The fallout, which many could have foreseen, is good training for humility and self-control.

I do not hold your apparent feelings towards our president, but you obviously have the right think what ever you want.

You may lose your job over this, if so, take it as a learning experience (It would have turned out the same way had you printed Hillary instead of President Bush).

Dave Hickenbottom

Atlanta, GA

An instant hypocrisy test for the editors of the Collegian: FUCK ISLAM.

Is this free speech protected under the First Amendment that you would happily print in bold letters in your paper as taking a courageous stand for this most sacred of American rights?

I hope I’ve highlighted the importance of free speech.

Tyler Cronk

Senior economic major

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