Sep 242007
Authors: Ashley Emmons

“Greek” is a new drama series that runs on the ABC family network addressing the hazing interested Greek members could see if they are qualified to be in a sorority or fraternity.

Unlike the fictional stories of television, Greek life at CSU is not about hazing and pushing students to their limit to see if they are fit for a certain house. In fact, CSU Greeks celebrate the prevention of hazing.

This week is National Hazing Prevention Awareness Week, and as such, Greek life has decided to hold a meeting for Greek chapters and club sports to discuss hazing and how to keep it off campus. The meeting is Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Student Recreation Center.

Evan Welch, assistant director of Greek life, said CSU has never had a big hazing problem.

“This week is about informing the prevention and awareness of hazing and we are building up to one day be able to celebrate the fact that CSU does not have hazing,” Welch said.

According to the National Hazing Prevention Week Web site, the idea of National Hazing Prevention Week came from the Association of Fraternity Advisors (AFA) annual meeting in 2003, but the first official week took place in September 2005.

Joshua Bowman, a freshman biomedical sciences major, said that he agrees with the idea of hazing.

“Hazing is based on tradition and it is kind of sad that it is completely gone away,” Bowman said. “Makes you bond better as brothers because you are going through stuff together and it is a good thing as long as the hazing activity is not bad.”

According to the CSU Greek Life Web site, “the fraternities and sororities of Colorado State University, acting through InterFraternity and Panhellenic Councils, have taken the position of being unequivocally opposed to all forms of hazing. It is the policy of InterFraternity and Panhellenic Council that hazing, in any form, be prohibited and its practice, in any fashion, be condemned.”

Heather Skeen, vice president of leadership development of Panhellenic council, said the meeting is about getting hazing information out to others.

“We are working with the club sports at a roundtable discussion,” Skeen said. “We will be talking about: what is hazing, what to do when you see it, how to prevent it and how to be safe.”

A conflict resolution representative is coming to talk at the roundtable discussion as well as university police and legal services.

“Some people don’t know what hazing entitles and we want to help them out.” Skeen said.

After the meeting the Greeks will be handing out pamphlets about what was discussed at the round table so others can learn the information as well.

“It’s a good opportunity because we don’t get to work with the sports club a lot and we get to help out and participate together,” Skeen said.

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