Sep 232007

Oh, Collegian. At this point, I’m pretty sure an intelligent and clearly written editorial would shock me more than your use of profanity.

So the Collegian said the f-word…what’s the big deal?!

Man did you guys really blow it this time. Way to think before you speak.

If you are examples of what “higher education” produces, we as a nation are in serious trouble. GROW UP CHILDREN.

Is anyone else excited for Halo 3?

What contribution did your headline add? It is your right to use expletives, but I am disappointed as a Coloradoan that your headline could not reflect the best of human virtues instead of the worst.

To the person that asked about the perks of RamCT: Customizing the to-do lists, fonts, seeing who else is on RamCT and stuff like that is probably the most nerdy form of procrastination. Ever.

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