Sep 202007

To the guy who slashed the tires on my dodge pickup Wed. night behind the alumni lot: Thanks, I was trying to decide if I could afford to go home to see my family for Christmas this year, guess you decided for me. New tires it is! Merry Early Christmas! I hope you get a big box of karma!!

You know its gonna be a good semester when you take an exam you forgot about when you are still buzzin’ from last night, and ace it!! The gods of academia are smiling upon me.

To the girls walking behind me who said that Rock of Love on Vh1 is the best show on TV: GET A LIFE!

To all the teachers, students, faculty, staff, and administrators who have never had a comment dedicated to them in Ram Talk…Here’s looking at you.

To my neighbors, who watched me carry my new plant upstairs: It’s nice to finally meet you, do you want to help me trim the leaves?

Is the only quality that makes RamCT superior to WebCT the ability to

customize your colors?

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