Fire alarms set off in LSC

Sep 192007
Authors: Erik Myers

Both Monday and Tuesday afternoons in the Lory Student Center were interrupted this week after fire alarms were set off in the building. Poudre Fire Authority firefighters arrived on scene within minutes on both occasions. No fire was involved.

The false alarms became somewhat of an annoyance for those within the building; visitors and vendors with the Business, Communications & Criminal Justice Career Expo were forced to evacuate the Main Ballroom.

“There wasn’t even a fire, it was annoying,” said Carl’s Jr. employee Chantel Nunally, who had been working at the time of both alarms.

Two alarms went off Monday around 1p.m., the second following the other within minutes. Mike Ellis, director of LSC, said the first alarm had gone off after a pull station was bumped into by an oblivious individual. While Ellis was uncertain as to the exact location of the alarm, he noted that it was likely among an area of heavy traffic.

“Those are constantly bumped,” Ellis said. “It can take some bumping, but if they’re hit inadvertently, they’ll be set off.”

The same pull station, after being improperly set by fire officials, sounded within minutes after firefighters allowed students and staff to return to the building, but was fixed shortly afterwards.

Tuesday’s alarm went off around 1 p.m. as well, interrupting the career expo again.

Ellis said the alarm had been set off when a smoke sensor had been undergoing cleaning and had been mistakenly tripped.

Ellis also said that, despite the annoyance of students, staff and visitors of the Lory Student Center, he was pleased the response on both days.

“We were able to appropriately vacate the building to the satisfaction of the Poudre Valley Fire Department.” Ellis said.

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