KCSU 90.5 on the prowl

Sep 182007
Authors: Molly Armbrister

Campus radio station KCSU 90.5 FM, the award-winning, entirely student-run station, is looking for new radio personalities.

Current KCSU employees let students in on the innermost workings of KCSU at an informational meeting Tuesday as radio hopefuls gathered in the Clark building to hear those already affiliated with KCSU explain the positions available.

Personnel from all the departments at KCSU from sports to programming spoke about their fields as hopefuls listened intently, deciding with which part of the station they wanted to get involved. No matter the field, each person has a lot to gain, in many different ways, KCSU staffers said.

Those who attended the meeting and are planning on becoming part of the KCSU team, as well as those who have joined the station through other means, will gain valuable experience to take with them after graduation in their chosen profession.

“This has taught me more about what I want to do for my career than anything

else,” said Christina Dickinson, KCSU station manager.

Dickinson, a senior speech communication major, has been involved with KCSU since her freshman year. This is the kind of experience all KCSU newcomers hope for.

Freshman Jordan Clark, a liberal arts major, expressed his interest in KCSU as a way to learn more about his future career.

“I want to get into a field dealing with communications and people,” he said. “KCSU will give me that opportunity.”

The station, however, can do more for its employees than just get them valuable experience.

“I get to meet the most interesting people and tell their story,” said Holly Janson, KCSU news director. “I feel like what I am doing really impacts other people and that is so powerful…”

Getting to know people is a big part of any student organization, and KCSU is no exception.

Janson went on to tell about the people with whom she works, which is another big part of KCSU. “I work with great and friendly people,” she said, “Its very laid back.”

Students interested in working at KCSU and other student media can pick up applications in the Student Media office in the basement of the Lory Student Center.

Staff writer Molly Armbrister can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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