Tenor sang, pianist came

Sep 172007

CSU professors and renowned musicians Todd Queen, tenor, and Joel Bacon, pianist, took the stage in the Casvant Music Hall last night to a packed house in the second installment of the Virtuoso Series.

Almost every seat of the hall was filled with students and members of the local community.

“I am not a big classical music fan. I have never been to a concert, but I think it should be cool,” said Kyle Whitham, a freshman construction management major.

The show was a new experience for many of the 150 ticket holders.

“This is my first show, so I don’t know what to expect,” said Ashley Peters, a freshman natural resources recreation and tourism major.

As Queen and Bacon took the stage, Queen did something very peculiar.

“We’re going to be a little more informal tonight,” Queen said, “Mostly because the programs are lost.”

As for lack of programs Queen humorously summed up the first set of songs, Mahler’s “Songs of the Wayfarer.”

“The song is basically about Mahler finding love, his love marrying someone, and he kills himself,” Queen said.

Queen’s mastery was evident in his long, deep vocal movements. At times he sang almost without movement, all his energy seemingly concentrated in his voice and facial expressions. Other times Queen danced in place with the music.

“I have worked with Dr. Queen a lot,” said Andy Steinhauer, a senior theater major. “It’s good to support this art.”

As Queen sang, Bacon’s fingers graced the piano keys on time and on target. And as Bacon played, his expression was cool and collected, all his emotions seemingly in his hands and body movements.

The highlight of the show for most was the Poulenc’s “Chanson Villageoises,” preformed in French.

“During the French his facial expressions were so dramatic you could just feel his passion,” Peters said after the show.

The next Virtuoso Series Concert will feature Scott Turpen on Saxophone, September 26. Students and community members can buy tickets at the campus box office, at the door or online at http://sota.colostate.edu.

Verve writer Eldad Sharon can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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