Sep 172007

Heroes get remembered but legends never die. Be a hero and go Greek, or be a legend and RUSH ATO!

To the person who lost their iPod Mini outside of Moby Monday morning: I found it! I will drop it off in the H.E.S. office Tuesday afternoon.

To the man I plowed into with my bike yesterday: I’m really sorry! Had you stuck around to hear my apology, I would’ve bought you an “I’m sorry” burrito from Chipotle.

FOUND: a sliver flash drive on campus. Please contact RamTalk to get a hold of me so I can give it to the rightful owner!

Things I hate (in alphabetical order) cont’d: .Dirty hippies, Emo, France, Goo Goo Dolls.

The guy in the red pickup from Saturday night would like to thank Tri-Delt for their support. Although it was kind of weird/distracting balancing on one foot with a bunch of girls screaming in the background, I don’t think I could have done it without you!

If bicyclists can get tickets for riding on pedestrian paths, can pedestrians get tickets for walking on the bike path?

It’s funny that RamCT has a website for when it goes down. (http://ramctdown.colostate.edu/)

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