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Authors: Ricki Dugdale

Career opportunities for CSU students, freshmen to alumni, are bountiful as the 2007 Career Expo kicks off Tuesday at 10 a.m. in the Lory Student Center Main Ballroom.

Open only to current students and to alumni of CSU, the Career Expo is expected to reach the masses.

“We had about 3,500 students attend last year and hope to see more this year,” said Ann Malen, director of the Career Center.

“We have the expo to provide an opportunity for students to meet employers and investigate careers,” Malen said.

With more than 265 companies expected to attend between today and Thursday, students will have plenty of opportunity to find what they are looking for.

“It’s a great way for freshmen and sophomores to begin investigating careers and for sophomores and juniors to find internships and investigate careers based on their majors,” Malen said.

Dividing the expo into three days, or focus days, is a new approach for the Career Center. They hope it will make it easier for students to locate employers in their field and employers locate applicants.

Students interested in business, communications and criminal justice will have the first opportunity to explore career options Tuesday.

“We are looking for people to take on positions in home office, logistics and merchandising,” said Stephanie Ryan, sales support manager for JCPenny.

Many businesses are beginning to expand and the Expo is a way for them to find the qualified applicants they need.

“We also look for the college degree [applicants] are going toward and the date of their graduation,” Ryan said. “The company is growing quickly and we are looking to fill positions.”

Experience in the field of interest, whether it’s business, communications or criminal justice, will improve the chance of standing out to potential employers.

On Wednesday, students interested in science, health, environment or non-profit organizations will have an opportunity to browse the ballroom.

“We are networking and getting our name out there as a non-profit organization,” said Miranda Villalobos, teen and membership coordinator at the Fort Collin’s Boy’s and Girl’s Club.

“We are looking for people to work with youth and youth development as program coordinator,” Villalobos said.

Even if students are not ready for a full-time career, many non-profit organizations are in need of volunteers.

“We are also looking for volunteer experience,” Villalobos said. “We want to get as many volunteers as we can.”

Thursday students interested in engineering and technology will have the final opportunity to explore.

No matter what fields of study or degree students seek, there is something for everyone and everyone should be prepared to make the most of the expo.

“The number one thing students should do to prepare is to do research on the companies they are interested in,” Malen said. “They should also have their resumes ready.”

The Career Expo will be held in the Lory Student Center Main Ballroom, Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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