Sep 162007

Irresponsible drinkers rejoice – Student Emergency Medical Services is coming to town.

The program, founded at CU-Boulder, exists to give students an opportunity to keep each other safe, but not have to worry about potential legal repercussions for their Friday night activities.

We think this program will be a great asset in the university’s push to cut down on drinking related incidents on campus.

We don’t condone binge drinking, but we know, as does CSU administration, that it will happen, regardless of how much work is done to change the university drinking culture.

When dangerous situations come up, the last thing on student’s minds should be whether or not they are going to get in trouble if they go for help.

Unfortunately, that’s usually not the way the cookie crumbles.

Students are afraid of legal repercussions, so in many dangerous situations students may not do the right thing and call an ambulance.

Just look at the plight of SAE. At the time, had there been an avenue for them to take that would not lead to sticky questions, there is no doubt that they would not be in the situation in which they currently find themselves.

It is a sad commentary on our student body that organizations like SEMS need to exist for people to make the right decision in bad situations.

However, we feel the pros outweigh the cons on this one.

The lives that can be saved with this program make it worth it, no matter how bad it makes us look.

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