$31 million up for grabs

Sep 162007
Authors: Laura Anderson

The Student Fee Review Board (SFRB), considered one of the most influential student panels on campus because of its $31 million budget, has four open positions.

The SFRB consists of up to 20 seats, including as many as six ASCSU members. The rest of the SFRB chairs are reserved for fee-paying CSU students. The SFRB meets Mondays from 3-6 p.m.

ASCSU Vice President Trevor Trout chairs the board as one of his vice presidential responsibilities.

“Benefits to joining SFRB include an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at campus life, insight into university finances, networking with university officials and the opportunity to be part of the most influential student board on campus,” Trout said.

Every fall, the Student Fee Review Board reviews what the student fees are used for.

Directors from each of those 16 entities meet to present budgetary changes and requests to the Student Fee Review Board. The board then discusses the proposals, looking at the “legitimacy of the proposed fee and budget numbers,” as stated by the SFRB Bylaws.

All changes approved by the SFRB are written into a bill, which is then presented to the ASCSU Senate for a vote. After that, the bill is forwarded to the President’s office and finally to the Board of Governors for approval.

Student fees cover such services as free tickets for CSU home games, free student legal services, free conflict/resolution counseling and operational, construction and maintenance costs for the Lory Student Center.

Junior political science major Estevan Jaimes, who served on the SFRB last year, warns that consistent attendance is important.

“As for the first semester, the departments present some of the most crucial information pertaining to the spending of our fees,” Jaimes said. “During the second semester the board looks specifically at the money for next year and consists of discussion on what is deemed appropriate to continue for the student body, program wise, for the affected year.”

Jaimes said that although the commitment is demanding, the experience was worth it.

“Being on the SFRB has allowed me to view our program and services from a different lens and to develop a greater appreciation for the work and dedication that individuals put into effort within these departments,” Jaimes said.

Trout said that he is excited to be part of the board.

“It is the responsibility of the SFRB to ensure that students’ money is effectively and responsibly used to benefit students,” Trout said.

Every student enrolled in more than six credits at CSU pays the $524.31 student fee; students with five or less credits pay a fee of $49.90. The $31 million dollars generated by student fees are then divided up amongst 16 different areas.

Applications for the Student Fee Review Board are available on ASCSU’s Web site.

Staff writer Laura Anderson can be reached at news@collegian.com

For information on ASCSU or joining the Student Fee Review Board visit http://www.ascsu.colostate.edu/studentfeereviewboard

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