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Yesterday marked the first day of Greek Recruitment Week here on campus. Until next Thursday, students new and old have the opportunity to attend events to see what the fraternity and sororities at CSU are all about.

We encourage any student that has even considered joining Greek Life to attend these events and see what the Greeks are all about.

Despite all the rumors and bad press they receive, fraternities and sororities have a proud history on our campus.

Every year, these men and women contribute countless hours of community service and raise thousands of dollars for charitable organizations both national and local for their own private philanthropy programs.

In addition, as a Greek community at large, they contribute to Habitat for Humanity as well as Cans Around the Oval and other university sponsored activities.

In addition, each house has it’s own social as well as academic programs to make sure that members have a fun college experience, but don’t get behind on the books while doing it.

This week, every house will be underscoring these positives in hopes of swaying potential members into their fold.

But in order for that to happen, they need people to come out and give them a chance.

We know that the Collegian has not been the most vocal of Greek proponents, but we feel that this is an opportunity for students to see the side that can’t always make it into the paper.

Give the Greeks a chance – at the very least, you’ll get a free meal out of it.

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