LTTE: Immigration

Sep 132007

In your page 1 story on the immigration rights vigil of 9/13, one word that is conspicuously missing is “illegal”.

What is meant when a “vigil for immigrants’ rights” is held in Fort Collins?

Any and all legal immigrants to the United States have all the same rights as any natural born citizen. The problem is with those who are here illegally.

They are not entitled to the rights of a US citizen.

For those who have trouble understanding this, here is a simple analogy. Think about your own personal situation.

Do you close the door of your house when you are not at home or in the evening, to keep people that shouldn’t be in your house from entering?

If you returned home and found someone in your house sitting on your sofa, watching TV, eating food from your refrigerator, etc., would you think that was okay, since they apparently thought it was okay to come in and use your property for their own benefit, even though they knew it was illegal to do so?

Or would you ask them to leave, or maybe even call the police?

Jonathan Zeif

CSU Alumnus

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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