Sep 122007

PIKEs are like crickets: loud, annoying, and they never shut up.

To the guy who left his Chase debit card in the 1st National ATM in the LSC on Wednesday, I had it cancelled and destroyed it.

Since when did beards become cute? I have a message for all you “cute guys with beards”…SHAVE THEM OFF!

Does anyone else feel like they need to wear a hard hat and safety goggles when walking by the Natural Resources building?

I wonder why all the trashcans in the Student Center say, “Please don’t litter.” It’s kind of like having a sign by the toilet that says, “Please don’t pee your pants.”

To the girl who is always talking about the “cute guy with the beard” in her Cultural Anthropology class…. I have really long hair and a super rad Mu-Stache… Wanna hang out sometime?

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