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Authors: Aaron Hedge

The suspect in a five-hour standoff with police last week was employed by CSU for nearly 30 years, a representative for the university confirmed on Friday.

Tim Lybarger, a 50-year-old Fort Collins man, retired from a food service position at CSU on June 30, Dell Rae Moellenberg said Friday.

“His last title with the university was Food Service Manager for Housing and Dining Services,” Moellenberg said in an e-mail message to the Collegian.

The standoff began when police arrived at 1405 Shamrock St. after they received a disturbance call and noticed a “visibly upset” woman with a child on the front porch of the residence, police officials said.

When officers approached the door of the residence, Lybarger, who was inside the house, allegedly threatened to harm the officers and himself.

Fort Collins Police Services arrested Lybarger under suspicion of domestic violence after he surrendered to them. FCPS took him to the Larimer County Detention Center (LCDC). Lybarger was released Wednesday, police said.

The most recent charges came months after police contacted Lybarger for similar “suicidal” behavior.

In April Lybarger was sentenced to a year of supervised probation under a Larimer County probation program that specializes in mental health needs, according to a court documents.

Responding to the noise complaint in April, police found Lybarger locked in his room, threatening to hurt himself and refusing to open the door for police, the documents said. He eventually complied with police.

Lybarger was subsequently charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

The file from last week’s standoff has not yet been released. Lybarger is set to appear in court for the most recent charges Sept. 27.

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