Sep 102007

I hate boys that yell at me when I rest in between plays at football games. I hate them more when they prove to be terrible fans and leave the game early.

To the person that broke my bike brakes while it was locked up: The pedestrian who I almost killed and I want to say thanks!

Overheard at the football game: “Oh my God, my brown hair is, like, soaking up the heat from the sun…I need to go back to blonde!” Ummm . yeah.

I wish I were a PIKE so I could have my daddy fight my battles for me.

Awww, one of the big bad PIKEs got made fun of and had to go and cry to his daddy lawyer.

To the cute ex-bearded guy in my 10 a.m. Cultural Anthropology class…what makes you think I’m a girl?

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