Sep 102007

They successfully held their ground and solidified the high standards for their organization Monday by denying Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s proposal to be accepted back into the IFC and regain recognition from CSU.

Last year SAE was kicked out of the IFC for allegedly allowing an underage student at one of their parties to drink to the point of needing to be hospitalized; instead of taking the 17-year-old to the hospital, fraternity members dropped her off at one of the residence halls. She was later taken to the hospital by concerned friends.

SAE has since conducted a “house cleaning” and apparently regained the trust of some university officials. For that, we are hopeful. The IFC’s stance, however, reinforces some the lingering concerns surrounding the ousted fraternity.

Thank you, IFC, for refusing to appease the requests of students who do not heed CSU’s concerns for alcohol safety, endanger other students and put their organization’s reputations on the line.

The Collegian would love to beam with pride over the Greek system, but we must have a system that seeks to uphold the values to which they claim to subscribe.

On an optimistic note, we welcome three new Greek organizations: Triangle, Zeta Tau Alpha and Sigma Gamm Rho. Our hope is that they bring pride and honor to our Greek system by displaying integrity and setting their own standards high instead of engaging in activities that tarnish both CSU’s and the Greek system’s reputations and possibly endanger other students.

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