LTTE: PIKE issue

Sep 102007

When I picked up the Collegian today and noticed PIKE on the front page I was extremely disappointed. How many front pages do they get?

I understand that every time you cover a PIKE story it is negative, but come on, it is still press.

I myself am a member of Greek Life here at CSU and I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it has been to get positive coverage.

Greeks are not the party animals you make us out to be.

Have you ever covered how many kids from the dorms get detoxed in one weekend? Not that I have seen.

Focus on Greek Life’s commitments and accomplishments. We do community service, we participate in philanthropies and we shape some of the greatest leaders on this campus and in the country.

We have all become disillusioned by modern media, but you should strive to break that trend.

All I am asking is, please, put something constructive on the front page. Don’t relegate the majority of Greek Life to page 8.

We are on this campus and whether you like it or not and we are here to stay.

Jorgen Smith

Sophomore anthropology major

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