Sep 092007
Authors: Griffin Faust

TriMedia Festival kicked off its 2nd annual film and theatre showcase last weekend in downtown Fort Collins, bringing big stars and attention to four humble venues.

On Friday, the festival premiered with a screening of a feature film at the Lincoln Center starring Academy Award winning actor Alan Arkin, still a big name from last year’s comedy Little Miss Sunshine.

Saturday and Sunday held a large variety of short films, television pilots and theatre groups performing at 3 venues located in the heart of Fort Collins’ downtown district.

The venues hosting events included Everyday Joe’s Coffeehouse, Bas Blue Theatre and the recently opened Lyric Cinema Caf/. The Lyric Cinema Caf/ was showing screenings in two on site theatres.

“We have a huge variety, and we are really lucky all across the board,” said one the festival directors, Carol Van Natta, “to have both independent filmmakers and really recognizable stars.”

If having the film festival in Fort Collins annually is not enough of a treat to moviegoers and residents, the icing on the cake was the visitation and panel of filmmakers themselves.

On Saturday at noon, after the student film selections, many contributors to TriMedia Festival fielded an array of questions from the audience. Included in the panel was documentary filmmaker Justin Hunt, producers/writers Steven and Whitney Boe, director Neil Miller, and CSU alum and former Fort Collins resident Matt Jenkins. Jenkins produced a documentary on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina featured in the weekends events titled, Lost Souls of the Big Easy.

Perhaps next year, more patrons will get a chance to see what the festival offers. The encore screening held on Sunday afternoon was an especially courteous idea, allowing ticket holders to get a chance to see films they may have missed earlier. Besides the films themselves, it’s also appreciated to see that big names and experienced filmmakers are willing to discuss their creative work with those interested in getting involved in the business.

To find out more information or to view the winners of the closing event award ceremony held Sunday afternoon, visit the TriMedia Festival’s official website at

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