Sep 092007

As an alumnae and a current second-year veterinary medical student at CSU, I was extremely disappointed to read a certain part of this opinion article today, in particular the comment made comparing CSU to CU.

I too agree that overall CSU gets the short end of the stick when it comes to state funding, but a comment was made in which part of the reason that this is, is because we don’t have a law school or a medical school.

We don’t have a medical school? Yes we do.

What is the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences?

We have the number two veterinary MEDICAL school in the nation. Just because it’s not human medicine doesn’t mean it should be discounted as not a medical school.

So in fact, CSU is getting an even shorter end of the stick because we do have a medical school and an even highly ranked one at that.

The faculty, staff and students of CVMBS work extremely hard to uphold our ranking and reputation in the veterinary medical profession and I believe it deserves the respect of the rest of the school (including the Collegian) as being recognized as a medical school.

Jennifer Fletcher

Veterinary medicine graduate student

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