Sep 062007
Authors: Griffin Faust

The 2nd annual TriMedia Festival, a Fort Collins community event featuring works of film, theatre and television, will debut Friday, with the independent comedy film “Raising Flagg” starring Academy Award-winning actor Alan Arkin at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins.

Screening Saturday, from noon to 2 p.m., at Everyday Joe’s Coffee House will be student film selections, including a feature by CSU sophomore, David Fox.

His comedic short “College Rules” was filmed originally for submission to Rams with Cams, a campus event held in Spring 2007, but was accepted into TriMedia Festival.

“It’s great for those of us who want to see more film, and the fact that Fort Collins has its own film festival, it’s beneficial.” Fox said.

Following the Friday night premiere, the festival is hosting a gala event to meet and talk with filmmakers, writers and actors.

“We have a huge variety, and we are really lucky all across the board, to have both independent filmmakers and really recognizable stars,” said Carol Van Natta, co-director of TriMedia Festival.

A selection committee looked at each entry before eliminating unoriginal or uninspired films, Van Natta said. And this year’s line-up will be a bit different from last year’s.

“We have programmed a lot more theatre, and will have a student film section, as well,” Van Natta said.

The weekend event is the city’s first nationwide-profile film competition and will be exhibiting independent films, pilot television shows and original theater pieces.

Filmmakers, writers and actors will also attend select screenings and will be discussing their experience at panels.

Screenings are scheduled for the Lincoln Center, Lyric Cinema Caf/, Everyday Joe’s Coffee House and Bas Bleu Theatre, all in downtown Fort Collins.

Horsetooth Productions, the Fort Collins Conventions and Visitors Bureau, and the Downtown Business Association are the organizers this weekend’s festival. Sponsors range from corporate groups to local organizations such as Fort Fund, Bohemian Foundation and Sutherland Foundation.

Tickets are $5 for seniors and students and $10 for general admission.

Show times, pricing for VIP passes, all-festival passes, 5-Packs and Opening Night Gala and Premiere tickets can be found at

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