Sep 052007

Please note: walking en masse at a geriatric pace while staring at your cell phones may not be the most efficient way to leave an overcrowded building.

I don’t think the editors of our fine Collegian should take a bad wrap for

Wednesday’s typo. They obviously had “some other sh**” on their minds.

So the Collegian can say sh**, but in Ram Talk we can’t say sh**

What has the world come to?

To the sick guy in my F311 class, STOP COUGHING or GO HOME.

To the cute guy who is always reading the Collegian in the front row of our 10 am Cultural Anthropology class…nice beard.

Is there any possibility of Gartrell getting a larger jersey? I’m not quite a fan of the whole “belly-jersey” thing.

To the biker who got hit yesterday by the bus at the Transit Center, I sure do hope your okay, and next time look both ways.

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