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Sep 052007

This year, among large colleges and universities that have graduates participating in the Peace Corps, CSU ranks 12th. This is a number to brag about.

And the university is always ranked among the top tier when it comes to Peace Corps volunteers, according to CSU Peace Corps representatives.

Committing yourself to the Peace Corps is not only an extreme act of kindness, but also one of selflessness and leadership. As the world continues to evolve into a marketplace of technology and open communication, it is not only imperative that we, as students, immerse ourselves in other cultures, but it is our responsibility to help where it is needed.

The Peace Corps is a highly respected organization that is known for its volunteer programs around the world. The organization has done everything from opening schools to promoting HIV/AIDS awareness to launching computer centers.

In the past, volunteers have helped grow food where food is scarce, aid women in raising children with little to no resources and mentor countless youth. There are 187, 000 volunteers and trainees to date, according to the Peace Corps Web site.

We praise those 187,000 people who have made the two-year commitment to others. And we commend those of you who will do so in the future. Not only does this push CSU into an elite category of worldwide community service, but it also washes our future of a bit of ignorance.

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