Mesmerizing Magic

Sep 052007
Authors: Valerie Hisam

Children and adults of all ages watched as illusions and tricks tricked the eye at the opening magic show for Magic in the Rockies in Old Town Plaza Wednesday night.

From local magicians to one brave escape artist, the Magic in the Rockies Convention started this weekend to much anticipation and excitement.

“It was great and entertaining,” said Katie Beckman, a Fort Collins resident that brought her four kids to the magic show. “It’s good for them all to see something different.”

And all the children had to say was that it was “awesome,” said Beckman’s kids, Kaylee, 9, Garrett, 7, Dylan, 6, and Cora, 4.

Local magicians from the well-known magic club Presto-Digitators took the stage with a wide variation of acts. One trick stood out, where an illusionist trick was to make colored-rubber balls swap places in a plastic tube.

Lauren Miller, the Mighty Mini, is the illusionist, and is only 11 years old. Miller and her father, David, have been able to turn this hobby into a family business.

“It’s an ideal business,” said David, a Fort Collins resident and avid magician. “The ideal business is one where I am forced to spend time with my family, and that is what this allows us to do.”

As for Lauren, it may also be a great way for her to spend time with her father, but it has turned into a way for her to inspire kids her own age.

“If you really love it and want to keep doing it, all you have to do is practice hard,” said Lauren, who is currently working on a children’s video series with her father that will be a way to teach character and development.

Sir Mark Logsdon also suggests ways to inspire budding magicians, but he has to add that some tricks definitely have “dangerous aspects.”

Logsdon, a local escape artist, was the main event Wednesday evening, when he attempted to escape from a locked milk can. After a couple attempts, Logsdon was able to successfully get out of the milk can, without breaking off the locks.

“All I was thinking was ‘Don’t make a mistake,'” Logsdon said. “After (I got out) all I thought was relief.”

But performing these tricks isn’t just for the thrill of the public. Logsdon, along with both Lauren and David, said that they are always looking for something new.

“It may start out simple,” Logsdon said, “but (the drive) to challenge (myself) is always there.”

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