Sep 042007

I want give a shout out to the nice guy who stopped to help me pick up all my groceries after I went up a curb too fast on my bike causing my bike basket and all the groceries in it to go flying all up and down the sidewalk. To top it all off, I ran my groceries over with my bike. Instead of laughing at me because I looked like the biggest tool ever, you helped me. THANK YOU!!

Which one of you Pikes keeps throwing stuff in my trashcan at 3 in the morning? We’ll have to settle this like men: Beer Pong! Bring it!!!

Personally, there is nothing better than sitting in a boring class and listening to the people behind you talk about their hookup the night before. Keep it up freshmen.

Thanks for the scheduled return of Rise and Ralph at CSU; Saturday’s game was a perfect comeback for the event.

If Appalachian State can beat Michigan, why can’t we beat Cal? Go Rams!

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