Sep 042007

The Collegian is an independent entity.

What we choose to cover day to day is solely at the discretion of the Editorial Boards. All claims to the contrary are misguided and erroneous.

Therefore, we accept all responsibility for what goes in, and what does not go in, our fine paper.

That being said, we cannot be held responsible for statements made by sources, nor can we be held responsible for the unwillingness of sources to comment on a given story.

Assertions made by sources in stories represent the thoughts and opinions of the individuals issuing them – not the reporter or the Editorial Board at large.

We make pains to make sure that what they say is accurate, but when it comes down to it, they are to be held responsible for what they say. Remember, it’s their words that go in quotation marks, not ours.

We work our best to make sure that all sides of an issue are given an opportunity to share their side of the story, but we cannot make them do so.

If a source declines to comment, it is difficult for us to adequately express their position. We try our best, but with only half of the story, our abilities are severely limited.

We stand by our coverage this semester.

The Editorial Board runs a tight, clean ship and takes great pains to ensure the quality and accuracy of our content.

If our detractors don’t like the way they have been represented, perhaps they need to worry more about the sources spreading that representation.

We’re just the messenger, after all.

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