Magic in the Rockies

Sep 042007
Authors: Valerie Hisam

Feel the magic in the air as the 14th annual Magic in the Rockies convention comes to Fort Collins this weekend.

With internationally known magicians and escape artists coming, there will be two nights of fun, games and of course, magic and death-defying tricks for everyone to enjoy.

“This convention attracts magicians from all over the region, the country and the world,” said Lew Wymisner, a coordinator for the Magic in the Rockies convention. “Almost every weekend there is a magic convention somewhere in the world, this just happens to be our weekend.”

After last year’s Houdini trick, where an acclaimed escape artist was suspended over 75 feet in the air and was confined in a straight jacket, the public was vying for more death-defying entertainment and interaction.

With over 275 magicians and their families coming to town, Wymisner said there are now more pre-convention promotions, but one’s where more of the general public can participate.

To kick it all off, a public magic show will begin tonight at 5 in Old Town Square. This is where the talent from the local club Presto-Digitators, who are the main sponsor behind Magic in the Rockies, will perform.

“This is our home base,” Wymisner said. “This is something we can do to give back to the community.”

Then, the opening headliner, Sir Mark Logsdon, will perform Houdini’s “Milk Can Escape” at 6 p.m. on the Old Town Square stage in the heart of Fort Collins.

Logsdon, a local escape artist from Denver, will be padlocked inside a milk can that is then filled with water and will attempt to escape in front of the audience without breaking the padlock or drowning.

But that’s not all that is in store for this magic-filled weekend. Although most of the convention is for magic club members and local artists themselves, the convention has now included a Junior Magic Show. Kids from across the region auditioned, and on the Friday morning they will perform for an audience of local public school students at the Lincoln Center.

“This is kids getting to see kids their own age doing something positive,” Wymisner said, “and in turn, the kid-magicians become positive role models for these students.”

To cap the weekend off, on Saturday evening world-renowned magicians will perform at the Lincoln Center at 7:30, as well as at the Marriott Hotel at 10.

With five internationally known magicians lined up for this show, there is lots in store; from comedy to illusions to the incorporation of martial arts and miming, the show is set up to be no less than magical.

“These are some of the world’s greatest magicians and this is a show that would normally never take place in Fort Collins,” Wymisner said. “Now, (this show) gives the opportunity for the general public to see a show that normally only can be seen in Las Vegas or Hollywood.”

Tickets are still available for this magical event, and cost $10, $20 or $22 depending on the seat. But, Wymisner said, tickets normally sell out, so get them while they are still available.

Tickets are available at the Lincoln Center Box Office located at 417 W. Magnolia St., by phone at (970) 221-6730 or online at and click “Buy Show Tickets.”

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For a breakout Box:

Magic in the Rockies

Local Magicians Magic Show in Old Town

When: 5 p.m.

Where: Old Town Square

Cost: Free

Sir Mark Logsdon “Milk Can Escape”

When: 6 p.m.

Where: Old Town Square

Cost: Free

Public Magic Show

When: Saturday Sept. 8 at 7:30 p.m.

Where: Lincoln Center

Cost: $10-$22

Late Night Soiree at the Marriott

When: Saturday Sept. 8 at 10 p.m.

Where: Marriot Hotel

Cost: Free

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